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Filling the Gap

When a family in Franklin County becomes homeless they are often confused, depressed, and overwhelmed.  They may not be able to stay with relatives or friends and the homeless system becomes the only refuge for this family in need.

Families are placed temporarily in the YWCA’s “Family Center” for up to 14 days.  HFF Case Managers work with our assigned families during this stay to assist them in finding permanent housing and to help them address the issues that may have contributed to the family becoming homeless.  HFF works to fill the gaps of what the family will need to get back on their feet and live independently in the community.

HFF assists families in finding permanent housing and provides support to families who are transitioning from homelessness to stability.  Families are provided with food, cleaning supplies, towels, and hygiene products upon move-in.  Homeless Families Foundation provides Case Management for each family and The Dowd Education Center afterschool and summer programs for their children in grades kindergarten through middle school.  HFF also provides employment assistance; links to substance abuse programs; and, links to agencies that help with domestic abuse and violence.  Life Skills classes are also provided to families that include: parenting classes; nutrition classes; health screenings; preventative measures to stay healthy; etc.

Holistic Case Management that addresses the entire family’s needs is what HFF does best!

Home for Families is a 501(c)3 organization.

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