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Welcome to Dowd Education Center's Virtual Learning

Our Weekly Schedule

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Our Weekly Schedule


  • Mindfulness Mondays with Tessa
  • Little Ones Read Aloud with Ms. Erin


  • S.T.E.A.M. Tuesdays with Ms. Tiff
  • At Home with the Art Lady


  • Wednesday Updates with Mr. Jermaine
  • Special Guest of the Week


  • In the Kitchen with Ms. Gayla
  • Chapter Book Read Aloud with Ms. Danielle


  • Friday Fitness with Mr. D
  • Special Guest

Activities & Fun Resources

Solving Mysteries with Anthropologists

What is Archeology?

Exploring May Civilization for Kids

Go Noodle Video Library (Go Noodle)

CATCH At Home: Physical Activity (CATCH)

Playworks Game Library (Playworks)

Playworks At Home: Digital and Printable Resources (Playworks)

25+ Amazing Virtual Field Trips (Zoos, Aquariums, Roller Coasters, and more...!)

STEM Activities with NASA

Take a Trip to Mars

Cincinnati Zoo Cam

Atlanta Zoo Panda Cam

Monteray Bay Aquarium Cams

Check Out the San Diego Zoo

A Virtual Tour of the Smithsonian

Tour the Great Wall of China

Take a look at the Pyramids

See the Famous Taj Mahal

Tour the White House with former President Obama

Pete the Cat Live Storytime Everyday at Noon on Instagram 

See the Van Gogh Art Exhibit in Virtual 3D 

Suggestions From Our Community

Tour The American Museum of Natural History

Tour the Collection at The National Gallery of Art

Museo Galileo Institute and Museum of the History of Science

Tour The Museum of Unnatural Mystery

Online Exhibitions from the Natural History Museum in London

Online Exhibits from Colonial Williamsburg

Explore Plimoth Plantation

The Great Wall of China

Ancient Greek Artifacts

Virtual Gettysburg

National Museum of Natural History - Virtual Tours

Exploring the World's Largest Cave

National Aquarium

San Diego Zoo

Mount Everest

The Giant's Causeway

The Sistine Chapel

Egyptian Pyramid Tour

The Secrets of Easter Island

History of Music

The United States Constitution

Ellis Island

Machu Picchu

The White House Virtual Tour

The Lincoln Memorial

The Acropolis

Fun with Geography

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips

Farm Food Virtual Tours

The Virtual Rainforest

Great Lakes Virtual Field Trip

Slime in Space

Virtual Planetarium

Cities from Around the World

The Manhattan Project Field Trip

Reach the World

The Virtual Museum of Galileo

Virtual Nature

NASA Space Center Houston



Welcome to the Dowd Education Center's Virtual Learning Resource Center

Parents! You can join us for up to date lessons & videos in our private FB group Dowd Parent Connection

(Kids, have mom or dad help you get connected)

Mindfulness Mondays

Little Ones Read Aloud

S.T.E.A.M. Tuesdays

Wednesday Updates with Mr. Jermaine

In the Kitchen with Ms. Gayla

Family Fun

At Home Art

Fitness Fun

Previous Weeks Activities

Today for STEAM Tuesday with Ms. Tiffany, our challenge is to create a raft out of recycled materials that can carry your egg (object) across the water and keep it dry. Before you start the video, gather your materials: egg (or another small object to keep dry) and recyclables. Ms. Tiff used a milk carton, Arby's sandwich box, butter package, Duct tape, toilet paper roll, cupcake paper, paper, one chopstick, scissors (with adult supervision), and art supplies such as paint pens, acrylic paint, etc. 

Hey Parents & Kids! Go here to hear a message update from Mr. Jermaine

At Home with the Art Lady

Hey Kids! This week we will learn how to draw a Bee with Ms. Cammie.

First, get out your Pencil, a Pen or crayons/markers and a piece of blank paper

Then Go to this website to follow her tutorial

Then watch her video to learn more about bees and how to draw one

This week, Ms. Danni starts reading The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier about a once ordinary 13-year-old orphan, named Jack, who is now facing life after A Monster Apocalypse. Thanks to @Scholastic for allowing us to share this book with our Dowd Family. Note: this book read aloud is best for our 3rd grade and up students as some parts maybe a little scary for our younger Dowd students and siblings.

We Appreciate Our Community Impact Partners!

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