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DONATE to Keep Families and Children Housed

YOU have the power to help families and children avoid the trauma of homelessness. 

Donations can be mailed to:

Home for Families, 727 E. Main Street
Columbus, OH 43205

Transformative Giving Levels for Central Ohio Area Families of Four:

$25 to $100 donation: removes weekly obstacles to meet a family's basic needs.

$250 donation: pays one-month of utility costs.

$500 donation: pays one-month of utility and food costs.

$1,000 donation: pays one-month of utility costs, internet, food and transportation costs.

$1,300 donation: pays one-month of average rent for a two-bedroom apartment.

Other donation amounts: applied where the need is the greatest.

I want to empower families and children to overcome housing instability with a gift of:
Do not fill in an amount here unless you checked "OTHER" as your donation amount. When filling in an amount do not use a comma in the number.
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For additional information contact Andrew Snouffer, Vice President of Advancement Operations & Improvement at:

We are grateful for our Community Impact Partners!

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