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Stability Partners Change Lives!

Stability Partners offer invaluable, recurring monthly contributions that immediately assist HFF families and youth from the harrowing ordeal of homelessness.

Becoming a Stability Partner empowers you to:

  • Provide generous, low-maintenance, and reliable financial support throughout the year, culminating in a substantial annual contribution without imposing significant strain on personal month-to-month finances.
  • Furnish a dependable stream of operational support that HFF can rely on month after month to help families secure safe and affordable housing.
  • Generate more opportunities for housing and emergency aid services for families and youth, without tedious funding constraints.
  • Make a tangible difference for low-income families living in your neighborhood and community, with minimal annual time commitment.
  • Feel good about making a genuine difference in the lives of others.

Over the past three years, HFF has steered a growing number of families away from eviction, shortened shelter stays, and transitioned families and children from literal homelessness, all while providing vital resources and pathways to secure and sustain affordable housing. 

To join our expanding circle of Stability Partners or amend your existing monthly pledge, kindly submit your new commitment on this page. For prompt handling of adjustments to existing contributions, please reach out to:


Andrew Snouffer, Vice President of Advancement & Continuous Improvement, at; or

Jeanette Moore, Fund Development Manager, at


Become a Housing Hero today!

To enroll as a Stability Partner, please select the "Monthly Payment" box in the credit card information below. Your recurring online donations are secure and flexible. You can select the amount you wish to give each month, change, or cancel your monthly contributions at any time.

Credit Card Information
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Make this a monthly payment?
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To become a Stability Partner today, please make sure the monthly payment box is checked with your credit card information before you submit your gift. Thank you!

We are grateful for our Community Impact Partners!

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