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Throughout the year, gift cards help the families we serve bridge the gaps in funding that disproportionate wages and housing costs create.

When barriers on the path to stability arise, gift cards help keep gas tanks and cupboards full, and allow families to purchase the household items they may need to make their new house or apartment a more comfortable home.  Gift cards also allow HFF to respect the dignity and individuality of each of the families we serve, particularly as unprecendented inflation at the pumps and grocery stores forces many of the families we serve to make difficult spending choices on already stretched budgets. 

They allow our families the freedom, flexibility and independence to make the purchases that best fit their family, home and culture, rather than receiving items that are used or pre-selected, and allow us to recognize that a family using public transportation may be impacted more by rising food prices, and a family driving between a child care facility and workplace may be impacted more by rising gas prices.

Some of the most common uses of our gift cards are:

  • Gas to get to and from work, school or child care
  • To supplement food and grocery budgets when the need arises
  • To buy small household goods and appliances
  • To provide children with items such as school supplies*, Halloween costumes, birthday and holiday gifts

*Many school children receive backpacks and school supplies from community drives in August, for which our families are incredibly grateful.  When those initial supplies run out, a new class starts mid-year, or a contribution to a class party or activity is required, additional or replacement supplies are often needed.

Gift cards (Target, Walmart, Kroger, BP and Aldi) may be mailed or delivered to:

Home for Families
727 E. Main St.
Columbus, Ohio 43205

OR donated online by completing the following form:

Yes, I want to provide gift cards for families on the road to stability!
Do not fill in an amount here unless you checked "OTHER" as your donation amount. When filling in an amount do not use a comma in the number.
I would like to be placed on your email list
Credit Card Information
Your total payment will be
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For additional information contact Cathy Stofac, Vice President, Advancement, at 937-631-4821 or

We are grateful for our Community Impact Partners!

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